Health & Safety

The scope of health and safety at Serra Verde includes all aspects of safety at work in addition to good health initiatives.

We are continuing to develop significant capabilities and building capacity through a team of Health & Safety supervisors, engineers, technicians, and hygienists who are fundamental to ensuring we are operating safely.

Images from SIPATIMA 2023 bringing together direct and indirect employees of Serra Verde Mineração, with technical lectures and playful presentations on health, safety, and the environment.

Workplace safety protocols and training are based on industry standards OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001. In addition, the Company applies a range of task specific policies including

  • Critical Risk Protocol Policy Work at Heights;
  • Blocking and Signaling;
  • Cargo Handling and Lifting;
  • Machine Protection;
  • Work with Electricity;
  • Mobile equipment;
  • Vehicles driving;
  • PPEs;
  • Hot work;
  • Working with Chemicals;
  • Confined spaces.

We have established a range of activities to promote safety and reduce the risk of accidents such as: a daily safety dialogue, maintaining near accident and non-conformity records, regular safety inspections of contractors and SVPM employees, providing notifications about work safety and using a safety performance index for accident investigation.

We operate several health programs and initiatives for the prevention of disease such as diabetes and conditions like hepatitis.

Specific occupational health monitoring is in place, including periodic examinations based on work activities. An Occupational Radiological Protection Plan approved by the National Commission of Nuclear Energy, is applied to avoid undue exposure of workers and individuals to ionizing radiation.

We value and prioritize mental health at work, especially considering the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe that a healthy environment brings benefits to both employees and the Company. Find out more >

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