about us

We are developing an integrated rare earth mining and processing operation in Minaçú County, State of Goiás, central Brazil. The high value rare earth elements (REEs) which Serra Verde will supply are critical to key technologies that will deliver the green energy transition, such as EVs, and wind turbines.

Serra Verde is one of the largest ionic clay deposits outside of Asia with important competitive and environmental advantages due to the nature of the deposit, relatively low environmental impacts and its location in an established mining area, close to renewable energy infrastructure.

Commercial production has commenced from Phase I of our Pela Ema deposit. We expect to produce at least 5,000 tonnes per year of rare earth oxide once we have ramped up to full production.

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To develop and sustain a responsible, profitable source of REEs to support the global green energy transition.


Play a strategic role in the development of the global REEs supply chain, and to be recognized as a reliable and competitive producer in the Western Hemisphere.


To deliver our mission, we will operate according to values which:

  • Ensure the safety, well-being and fair treatment of our people
  • Embody a culture founded upon mutual respect and integrity
  • Promote the continuous operational improvement of our economic performance and of our processes
  • Incorporate socio-environmental responsibility as a central element in our strategic decisions and investment decisions
  • Transparently communicate our impacts and progress to the range of stakeholders affected by our operations
  • Create value for our investors and stakeholders