We are developing a new and growing mining and processing operation.  Our workforce is made up of experienced and qualified professionals. We also welcome the submission of resumes. Learn more about opportunities to work with us. Find out more about opportunities to work with us.

We are dedicated to advancing Training and Development initiatives for our employees, offering a range of technical, safety, and qualification courses to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to perform their tasks proficiently and safely. In 2022, we conducted over 200 training sessions and courses.

Our Local Labor Selection and Training Program, in partnership with the National Service of Industrial Learning (SENAI), aims to prepare professionals from the local community for future positions within the company. We provided numerous free courses in fields such as mining operations, mechanics, and electronics.

In order to promote diversity and inclusion, we offer specific courses for women and people with disabilities. Our Women in Mining Program seeks to promote more diverse workplaces and provide opportunities for women. Dump Truck Operator and Heavy Machinery Mechanics courses were offered and many of these women were hired to serve in these roles. We also offer places for local youth in our Young Apprentice Program.

In addition, we organize a variety of programs and benefits to attract and support our employees. The Psychological Support benefit is an example, where our employees and their dependents can do monthly therapy sessions for free. By doing so, we actively contribute to enhancing well-being and gauging stress and anxiety levels within our company.

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