Our ESG Approach

Serra Verde has been developed and will operate to the highest environmental standards in compliance with the requirements of Brazilian regulations as well as international best practice. We comply with relevant ISO standards, and our operations are aligned with the IFC Performance Standards and the ICMM Principles.

Our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues begins with our daily actions and ends with the ongoing benefits to a global community from clean energy, which we are helping deliver through material from our operation.

We plan to materially mitigate the impacts of our activities both at our operation and beyond  to safeguard our natural environment and local communities.

As a natural resource company which is striving for a responsible operation, we are taking steps to carefully evaluate the risks and opportunities of the project to deliver on best management practices that make a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our approach envisages not only the integration of ESG factors into our business from the beginning of operations, but also seeks to adhere to international standards as part of a continuing journey towards improvement.

ESG characteristics of our operation:

Serra Verde will produce a mineral concentrate containing high value rare earth elements that are vital for today’s modern technologies, and essential to the building blocks needed for global carbon reduction initiatives. Find out more > 
  • Our project will have a relatively low environmental impact given extraction is via a simple open pit quarry process producing no toxic chemicals, and the use of a dry stack tailings facility to manage waste material. As such, our operation is designed to avoid many of the risks commonly associated with other types of mining operations.

  • The Serra Verde deposit is one of the most advanced western-world projects to produce strategic high-value REEs similar to those found in Asia.  

  • The operation does not require explosives, crushing or milling and is expected to source a significant portion of its power from renewable hydro generation sources.

Our ESG resources:

ESG team:

ESG team: We have significantly expanded our ESG capabilities and are continually looking to strengthen our capacity and performance.

Permits, Policies And Reporting:

All necessary environmental licenses to construct the project have been granted following the award of the environmental operating license by the Environment and Sustainable Development (SEMAD).

We file an RDA Environment Performance Report to SEMAD annually.